CLASSIE Mums Club | Empowering Mums

Congratulations on making the decision to make time for you in 2013!

I am delighted you have embraced this opportunity to make a real positive and lasting difference to your life and future.

Your next step is to select your ideal CLASSIE Mums Club package:

Once you have selected your payment option choice you will be taken through to your CLASSIE Mums Club Registration Page to complete your details. On the registration page please scroll down and complete the 'sign up' section and click 'Sign Up' which will then generate your log in details for subsequent access to CLASSIE Mums Club. Having done this you will then:

Option 1:

£47 per month, payable in nine monthly instalments

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Option 2:

£376 paid in full, providing you a full nine months membership for the price of eight, giving you your ninth month absolutely FREE

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I am really looking forward to working with you and your fellow mums over the next nine months through CLASSIE Mums Club programme - see you there soon!

Wishing you confidence, balance and joy!


P.S. Don't delay doors close Thursday 3rd October until 2014! Live with intention, not regret - sign up TODAY and receive YOUR Fast Start Sign Up Bonuses worth over £200 available until Friday 27th September.