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Tracey Wall, Leading Confidence and Life Balance Coach, Author and Creator of the proven and highly successful CLASSIE Mums programme.

Calling ALL mums who want to enjoy an easier, more fulfilling and happier life in 2013!

If you want to be a mum who:

then this fabulous, highly successful and proven programme is for you!

The day I discovered what was really holding me back from enjoying a more confident, balanced and happier life was a life changing discovery for me – one that lead to the founding of Empowering Mums through my passion to help other mums achieve this for themselves and their families. I am a true believer in “if mum is happy then the whole family is happier too!” I have seen this evidenced so many times through my work supporting and helping mums.

So the question to ask is, could your life be less stressful, exhausting, guilt ridden and instead be more balanced, happier and enjoyable? Take our quick quiz and find out!

Q: How many of the following statements can you relate to about how you currently feel about you and your life?

  1. Since becoming a mum I’ve completely lost my identity and sparkle.
  2. I forever put everyone else’s needs before my own; I’m always bottom of the pile!
  3. I’m constantly exhausted and on the go, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.
  4. I worry what others think of me and always compare myself unfavourably with others.
  5. I feel stuck in a rut and know something needs to change but not sure what or how!
  6. I crave to have the time and energy to do things I want to do for a change, without the guilt!
  7. I long to be brimming with confidence to have the courage to embrace life’s opportunities.

How many statements did you relate to? No matter if you ticked one or all seven, don’t worry these have all been expressed at some stage or other by many of my Private 1:1 clients over the years: you’re really not alone in feeling this way. Being a mum is hard work and as mums we have to juggle so many roles on a daily basis! Yet, no matter how worn out and weary you feel it is possible to reclaim your oomph and bring some fun and direction back into your life and I am so excited you’re here on this page giving me the opportunity to help you solve the challenges you face once and for all with my proven expert coaching and solutions!

Imagine instead being a mum with:

Sound good? Wouldn’t it be great if you could step off the fast treadmill that is your current life and find some space to just stop and think? Imagine what it would be like to take some invaluable time-out for you on a regular basis and focus on the things you really want to achieve instead of the things you feel you 'should be' doing!

Tracy wall | Empowering Mums Think how great it would be to have the UK’s leading confidence and life balance coach for mums show you in seven simple steps exactly how you can achieve all this to create an easier, more fulfilling and happier life for you and your family!

Is this finally your time to become the person you want to be and live the life you really want and deserve? If it is then please read on…

Well, now you can and for much less investment than you might think! My name is Tracey Wall, founder and director of Empowering Mums, I have created and developed CLASSIE Mums Club for mums who want to learn how to achieve an easier, more fulfilling and happier life in seven simple steps that is highly affordable too!

Meet Your Coach

My skills as a confidence and life-balance expert have helped hundreds of mums across the UK and World Wide transform their lives. I certainly have the credentials, experience and 100% client success record to bring confidence, balance and joy to your life!

Through personal experience and my vast work with mums, I understand the struggles you face, often on a daily basis. My passion is to help and support you using my specialist solutions - proven to achieve amazing results - to embrace and enjoy the challenges of motherhood with great confidence and self-belief, to achieve the life you really want and deserve for you and your family.

Mums I have worked with have transformed their lives and you can too through learning how to practise self care as a priority; build your confidence and self belief; maximise your time and establish your ideal life balance; nurture good partner/child relationships; manage important life changing events; even successfully return to work or start up and grow a home business to achieve the flexibility you need to enjoy life and your family. I will help you to create a more fulfilling and happier life according to your own core values.

If you have dreams and aspirations for a better life and you are determined to achieve them in 2013, you’re in the right place. I invite you to not just take my word for it but to check out my client’s words that have experienced such support and success as you read on...

Introducing CLASSIE Mums Club!

CLASSIE Mums Club is a nine-month supportive action-packed programme for mums just like you who want to achieve lifelong aspirations and make a positive and lasting difference to your lives. It is for mums like you who also want to solve the challenges you face, often on a daily basis, once and for all and create the lives you truly want and deserve!

It's about helping you understand that you don’t actually have to make big dramatic changes to your life to feel better about it. Many of my Private 1:1 clients make a series of small changes across a period of approximately six to twelve months to bring about their life transformations and success stories. Collectively these small consistently applied changes empower a big positive difference to them, their lives, their families and their work and business. Through CLASSIE Mums Club you can too just as previous members of CLASSIE Mums Clubs have!

Opening its doors once again in May, I welcome you to join me and other mums for our next transformational programme. CLASSIE Mums Club will help you to:

This inspirational programme is totally unique and tailor-made to give you everything you need so you can create an easier, more fulfilling and happier life for you and your family.

"My life has been completely transformed. My confidence is sky high, I have more quality time for myself to do what I enjoy, I have found the job that I always wanted to do and my husband and children have also benefited by having the real me back. I have never been happier and plan new goals with relish!" A Burrow, Cheshire
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CLASSIE Mums Club: Created With You In Mind

CLASSIE Mums Club has been created and tailor-made from the results of the Empowering Mums Survey distributed back in 2011 and the help and support of my Private 1:1 clients. Within the results, you told me exactly which areas of your life cause most anxiety and unhappiness; the challenges you face and the help you need; the way you prefer to receive help and support; and your learning preferences.

Based on this feedback, I developed a unique programme that meets the specific needs of mums, whilst providing exceptional value for money! I continue to develop this programme with every successful completion of CLASSIE Mums Club, with the help and support of the mums who successfully graduate from each programme achieving phenomenal success beyond their expectations.

What is CLASSIE?

During the nine-month programme, I will guide you and your fellow mums through the seven core elements that make up this fun, interactive and supportive programme.

These seven simple steps will help you understand what separates confident fulfilled and happy mums from the rest of the world’s population of struggling mums. There are four key obstacles currently standing in your way: your thoughts, your beliefs, your fears and your daily habits! I can guarantee you that at least one of these obstacles is the underlying reason behind your own life struggles and why you haven’t become as happy as you want to be yet!

"You supported me to take control of my mind, eradicate negative thoughts as well as embed more 'hands-on' techniques to cope with the demands of being a mum to young children. I gained back control of my life. I believe it has been the best use of money I have ever spent!" T Jackson, Buckinghamshire
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How CLASSIE Mums Club Will Benefit You

Being part of the CLASSIE Mums Club gives you a fabulous opportunity to link up with other like-minded mums. There is something quite powerful and amazingly inspirational when a group of mums get together with a unified goal in mind, one that is shared by the whole ethos of CLASSIE Mums Club. What mum wouldn’t want to create an easier, more fulfilling and happier life for themselves and their families!

Through the safe, nurturing and supportive community of CLASSIE Mums Club, together you will have the opportunity to:

What You Get With CLASSIE Mums Club

During this nine-month programme, you will:

While nine months may appear a long time you will be amazed by how quickly the time will fly and just how much you look forward to and benefit from your monthly calls! I have enjoyed astounding success supporting mums to transform their lives to become happy and fulfilled women in everything they do. On average my Private 1:1 clients work with me over a period of six to twelve months, some even longer as they continuously aspire to greater things upon each achievement!

I want to share this golden opportunity by inviting you to join CLASSIE Mums Club so you too can achieve your greatest aspirations and much more for you and your family!

"The change is phenomenal: I am confident, my self-esteem has rocketed and I feel empowered to enjoy life again!" J Bulbrook, Cheshire
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You Can't Afford To Miss Out!

You will not find a programme for mums anywhere that provides such a wealth of experience, knowledge, skills and support that will empower you to achieve an indestructible confidence and self belief, your ideal life balance, what you really want in life and give you those priceless gifts of lifelong happiness and fulfilment!

I have purposely designed and continually developed this programme over the years to provide outstanding value for money. My private clients pay in excess of £4,000 for a programme of this duration that provides the same expertise, skills, tools and techniques. The investment for this group programme throughout its launch year of 2012 was kept exceptionally low whilst it was fine tuned with its launch year members to ensure each mum had their expectations exceeded beyond their greatest aspirations – and I am delighted to report this has proved a reality for all those mums throughout 2012 and our current member’s this year. CLASSIE Mums Club is proving a great success in enabling transformational, life changing results through implementing small manageable changes!

I am so committed to getting my expertise into your hands – and reaching as many mums as possible who will also benefit from this amazing programme – that I am offering you the opportunity to achieve your success with CLASSIE Mums Club during 2013 for the exceptionally low investment of just:

Over the course of the programme, that's a little over a £1 a day! What else can you spend so little on these days that will bring you such life-changing personal success, and enable you to transform and positively enhance your fulfilment, life confidence, balance and joy?

"I have taken control of my life, my career and am finally putting myself first!" L Westhead, Bolton
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The CLASSIE Mums Club Guarantee

CLASSIE Mums Club Guarantee Here's how my personal guarantee works:

Test drive CLASSIE Mums Club for a whole month. If, within that month you honestly feel CLASSIE Mums Club isn’t for you, please let me know and I will refund you immediately: no hard feelings, no awkwardness!

Why do I offer this guarantee? Quite simply, I want to remove all risks for you and enable your peace of mind to enjoy real results from joining CLASSIE Mums Club just as all our previous members have. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

I am 100% confident that CLASSIE Mums Club programme is the most effective and transformational programme you’ve ever seen for creating indestructible confidence, your ideal life balance, greater life fulfillment and the happiness and success you deserve.

The results I achieve with my clients speak for themselves and that of my commitment level to each of them, with 100% success beyond their expectations of achieving all their goals and much more, along with gaining great confidence, balance and joy!

So, if you are just as serious about achieving your personal happiness and success in 2013 then you can’t afford to overlook this risk-free, exceptionally low cost opportunity to making the next nine months the time you change your life for the better!

Are you ready to take your first step to personal happiness and success? Join me today in achieving an easier, more fulfilling and happier life for you and your family?

"Finding you was the best thing to happen in my life! Every mum needs a Tracey in their life, I just wish you’d come into mine 10yrs earlier!" T Travis, Greater Manchester
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Your Questions Answered!

What is a monthly group CLASSIE Call?

This is your time! The first 45mins will involve me teaching you about the calls topic and sharing the experiences and proven tools I’ve gained both on a personal level and from all the years working with many mums. The latter part of the call is your opportunity to raise any questions, issues or challenges you may be facing and receive my expert coaching, help and support. All you need is you, a notebook and pen, and whatever else you need to make you feel relaxed and ready to learn, have some fun and enjoy a giggle or two!

Our Welcome Call will take place Thursday 3rd October 2013 at 8.15pm to warmly welcome you to the programme ahead of our first group CLASSIE call on Thursday 10th October at 8.15pm. Each subsequent call will take place on a Thursday at 8.15pm with full call details provided within your programme Welcome Modules on joining CLASSIE Mums Club.

Is this one of those endless membership programmes, paying indefinitely, generating little commitment or motivation (two vital ingredients to achieving success) due to the ‘leave when you want’ promise, with little access to the expert?

Absolutely not! This is an action packed nine month motivational programme where you will identify exactly what you want to achieve during the programme, inspiring your commitment to achieving it by the end. I will support you every step of the way with proven learning and solutions as I am passionate about ensuring you achieve what you want within those nine months to ensure you achieve lasting change for a life time! CLASSIE Mums Club has the flexibility for you to tailor this programme to meet your specific needs to ensure your success!

Will I be able to use the online coaching programme if I have no technical experience?

It is very similar to logging in to your email account and using your side menu bar to open up and read or reply to each email – it really is that simple! So absolutely you will be able to use it no matter how little your technical experience, trust me I am no ‘techi’ and I created it! You will literally log in at a time to suit you, use the menu bar to open your modules, read through the learning and work through the tools and exercises to support your personal development, achievements and success.

How many mums will be on the programme?

There are only fifteen places available on each intake of CLASSIE Mums Club programme. I limit the numbers to just fifteen mums as I believe that will give you maximum benefit from greater personalised coaching with me during the group calls and I want to work closely with you to ensure this programme exceeds your expectations.

The CLASSIE Mums Club doors will close for the final time of 2013 at 6pm Thursday 3rd October, or when the fifteen places are taken, whichever occurs first! There will be no opportunity to join me through CLASSIE Mums Club again until 2014!

Why did you create CLASSIE Mums Club?

Honestly, because of the fabulous encouragement and support from my delighted Private 1:1 clients who achieved transformational achievements and success working with me and whom suggested as a result I needed to get my expertise in to the hands of many more mums the world over!

However I only have so many hours in my working week, so I needed to create a way to reach more mums and provide a more affordable way to work with me whilst still maintaining high quality coaching and my treasured 100% success record helping my clients achieve beyond their expectations, something I am really proud of! CLASSIE Mums Club offers exactly that and much more at a fraction of the investment of my Private 1:1 clients!

Fast Action Sign Up Bonuses!

I want to work with you if you are ready and committed to making 2013 the year you transform your life to start achieving indestructible confidence, your ideal life balance, greater happiness and life fulfilment.

So, I’m going to reward those of you who take decisive action now with two amazing bonuses worth over £200! These are not just any old bonuses thrown together to tempt you, these are really valuable bonuses that will compliment and support your CLASSIE Mums Club journey to happiness and success!

When you join CLASSIE Mums Club before midnight Friday 27th September, you will also receive these two amazing bonuses:

  • £66 worth of Empowering Mums highly acclaimed and inspiring full range of self-development books, absolutely FREE to support your programme!
  • £135 worth of Private 1:1 coaching with me, absolutely FREE to use anywhere in your CLASSIE Mums Club programme to support your progress, achievements and success!

Wow, what are you waiting for? Join me today and ensure your future happiness and success!

"You've helped me focus inwards and realise I have the power to improve my life and by completing my action plan tasks each week I really started to see my perspective on life significantly change for the better!" N Newark, Hertfordshire
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Why Take Action Now?

If you want to be a mum with indestructible self-belief and super confidence, an ideal life balance that will support you to nurture a happy family, the tools to raise confident and happy children, enjoy guilt-free quality ‘me’ time, and create the life you really want to live, then take action NOW!

If you procrastinate and think about it, chances are you will allow your unsupportive mind chatter the space and time to have you doubt you can do it, or that you can achieve what you want and it will serve to only keep you stuck where you are now and the opportunity to take control and make a positive difference to your life and that of your families will pass you by once again!

Is that what you really want, to slip back to the treadmill of your existing life with all its current challenges? Or, do you want to take action now that solves your challenges once and for all and enables you to achieve the life you really want and deserve? I believe you want to and can make a positive difference, why else would you have made it so far down this page!

So don’t click away, instead follow your intuition and reap the immense potential and support offered by joining CLASSIE Mums Club TODAY by clicking the big orange ‘Join CLASSIE Today’ button! Remember if you sign up before Friday 27th September you will benefit from the amazing Fast Action Sign Up Bonuses and receive over £200 worth of Empowering Mums highly acclaimed self-development books and Private 1:1 coaching with me absolutely FREE with your programme!

I so often hear mums say I’ll do it when... Let me tell you, there’s NEVER a perfect time, find the time TODAY to make this YOUR time to overcome your daily struggles once and for all!

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain! Click 'Join CLASSIE Today'

"With your support I was able to rediscover my direction in life and regain my confidence. You're an excellent listener and really helped me to sort through issues to enable me to move forward with my life. I feel like a different person to who I was a year ago!" R Driscoll, Cheshire
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I very much look forward to working with you, supporting you through CLASSIE Mums Club programme, and helping you achieve your goals and aspirations for an easier, more fulfilling and happier 2013 and beyond!

Wishing you confidence, balance and joy!


P.S. Live with intention, not regret – this is the easiest, most cost effective, risk-free way to experience my transformational solutions whilst still gaining everything you need to achieve what you really want and deserve – grasp your opportunity now by clicking the orange button!

P.P.S. Sign Up Today by clicking the orange ‘Join CLASSIE Today’ button and receive your ‘Fast Start Sign Up Bonuses’ worth £200 if you do so before midnight Friday 27th September.

P.P.P.S. Remember there are just 15 places available on this programme until Thursday 3rd OCtober for 2013. This is YOUR opportunity, YOUR time, YOUR life, and only YOU can take the step of clicking the orange button Today to achieve the life YOU want and deserve for you and your family!

P.P.P.P.S! Once you have signed up and joined us for 2013, you will have instant access to your CLASSIE Mums Club Welcome Modules to enable you to begin your personal development straight away. So, if you know this programme is for you, to help you achieve what you really want in 2013 and beyond, then join me TODAY!